April 2018

Sunday the 22nd - 10:00 AM till 11:30 AM

Walking Tour of Bowen Hills

As part of the Australian Heritage Festival, Marilyn O'Sullivan from the QWHA will lead a walking tour of Bowen Hills finishing at Miegunyah.

Cost is $15, with the tour starting at 10am through until 11.30am.

Devonshire teas will be available for $8 at Miegunyah at the conclusion of the tour.

Please contact Miegunyah for more information.

Wednesday the 25th - 08:00 AM till 05:00 PM

Miegunyah closed to public for ANZAC Day

Saturday the 28th - 09:00 AM till 12:30 PM

QWHA Member's Study Afternoon

The Menzies Family

Mr Brian Menzies, grandson of the second owners of Miegunyah, will be presenting information about his family.

Diana Hacker will also share further information about the Menzies family and the house in the twenties and thirties.

Morning tea will be provided. We would encourage all guides to come and gain some more background on the this era of Miegunyah.

Please advise the house or secretary if you are coming.

Sunday the 29th - 08:00 AM till 05:00 PM

Miegunyah closed to public

Please note that Miegunyah will be closed today for a private function

June 2018

Sunday the 10th - 01:30 PM

Afternoon Tea and Talk: 1.30pm for a 2pm start

"Mrs Janet Walker, Brisbane's leading Dressmaker and Costumier: The Final Chapter 1902-1938"

Dr Marendy's work and research has been in the area of fashion education, clothing design and textile conservation. This has included researching the lives of the special women involved in the custom-made clothing trades in early Brisbane. Michael has assisted at Miegunyah over many years, particularly in the specialist area of re-housing and restoration of the textile items held in the QWHA collection.

Guest Speaker: Dr Michael Marendy

QWHA Members $10 / Non-Members $15 (includes afternoon tea).

August 2018

Sunday the 12th - 01:30 PM

Afternoon Tea and Talk: 1.30pm for a 2pm start

"Book Binding: a history and explanation of techniques and changes"

Our speaker for today is a member and Vice-President of the Queensland Bookbinding Guild.

Guest Speaker: Colin Jorgensen

QWHA Members $10 / Non-Members $15 (includes afternoon tea).

Saturday the 18th - 02:00 PM till 05:00 PM

Fashion Parade

More details to follow

November 2018

Sunday the 11th - 01:30 PM

Afternoon Tea and Talk: 1.30pm for a 2pm start

"What's in a name? The many identities of Lattie Cameron. The story of the third (and last) Mrs William Perry."

Our speaker for today has always had a passion for ancient history and archaeology. After retirement from a working life steeped in science, mathematics and technology, he has rekindled his love of historical research, first through genealogy, and now in the archives of Miegunyah.

Guest Speaker: Robert McAllister

QWHA Members $10 / Non-Members $15 (includes afternoon tea).